Welcome to Middle Mountain Farms

Come visit our farm in the upper Hood River Valley. Pick some delicious blueberries. Picnic under the majestic old firs and take mountain photos. Pet friendly, please leash if necessary and clean up after your pets.


About Us

Middle Mountain Farms has raised blueberries since 1986 in the shadow of Mt. Hood. The Field has three varieties of berries: Blue Ray, Jersey and Eberhardt. We use no pesticides and are now using an organic fertilizer. Lynn and Paulette Wittwer are the long-time owners of the farm.


U-Pick Blueberries


Bring your own or there are buckets available. There will be a small charge for cardboard take home containers if needed.

Pricing and payment:

The pricing of berries will be market competitive for u pick. For payment we take cash or credit cards.

Pre-picked berries:

There will be freshly picked berries available for purchase. Berries can be pre-ordered for the following day. Call our contact number at (503)-820-8312 to order.

Location & Hours

Middle Mountain Farm is located at 5895 Boneboro Road, Parkdale, Oregon. Your destination is located at the very end of Boneboro road to the right.


Starting July 31st-August 13th
Monday-Sunday (9am-5pm) Closed Saturday August 5th

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Phone: (503)-820-8312